Six Word Stories

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Kecia Cunningham


 < Video: Commissioner Cunningham explains the six-word story.

 Recently we asked our residents to create six-word stories about our town. Below are some of our favorite examples.

Take a stroll, feed your soul • Decatur – what Atlanta wants to be • Slow down and enjoy your town • Everyone wants to move back, Decatur • Decatur, Georgia’s peach of a city • Inside the perimeter, outside the box • Decatur: It just keeps getting better • We’re busy redefining small town America • Decatur: trendy brews, comfortable shoes, Subarus • Smaller than Atlanta, better for it • Expected a lot, but got more • Decatur: we can walk to that • Waggy dogs, smiling people, welcoming city • Decatur, where your neighbors are your friends • Decatur: there’s a festival for that • Blue dot in a red state • Southern charm, northern taxes, comfortably conflicted • Decatur: we’re Mother Goose’s left wing • Where the bicycles flow like wine • Four square miles of can do • It’s a “Wonderful Life,” all year ‘round • Yard sign wars, craft beer pours • Just like home without the relatives • Decatur, a squirrel in every attic

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Six-word Story Videos

 Elizabeth Kiss  Charlotte Pfeiffer
Elizabeth Kiss - President of Agnes Scott College

Charlotte Pfeiffer - Georgia Center for the Book
 Video Katie Abel  Video Alicia Philipp
Katie Abel - Special Events Coordinator for the City of Decatur
Alicia Philipp - President of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
 Video Geoff  Video Kyle
Geoff Koski - Editor-in-Chief of Decatur News Online
Kyle Williams - Oakhurst resident and local attorney
 Video Ili Nilsson  Video AsianCajuns
Ili Nilsson - Decatur resident and architect
Lauren and Catherine Lee - local bloggers at
 Regina Brewer  Will Draper
 Regina Brewer - City of Decatur Historic Preservation Planner  Will Draper - Veterinarian, The Village Vets Decatur
 Greg White video Eddie Owen
 Greg White - Director of Decatur's Active Living Division  Eddie Owen - Eddie's Attic
Ann Berg Stephanie Van Parys
Ann Berg - Decatur First Bank, Decatur High School Booster Club Stephanie Van Parys - Community Oakhurst Garden Project